Service for ultrasonic welders


The managing director has been dealing with ultrasonic washing and welding equipment since 1980.
György Naszódi and Hardsonic worked together for several years (representation, factory service) with some major manufacturers,
they maintain a particularly good relationship with them to this day.
Thanks to this, Sonosonic will receive the expected technical support and the spare parts required for the repair.

Some other manufacturers, mostly from the Far East, may have support difficulties and problems,
which hinder, in the worst case, fail the repair process.

It can be noted as a lesson: if possible, it is recommended to purchase equipment that has a service in Hungary!

We will also help you choose the right type.

Of course, we undertake the design and manufacture of sonotrodes and workpiece holders for ultrasonic welders, including commissioning.
We also help optimize welding processes.

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